Nothing Can Surprise Us

‘When is the lift off? ‘You are already underway!’ Solaris

A performance about preparing for the future. On stage, a small crew is filming a catastrophy survival scene. But the scene gets constantly

interrupted by scenes from other films. Where these other films come from and why remains a mystery. As they try to make sense of what

is going on, the catastrophy they rehearsed seems to have come true already. But is it really a catastrophy? And what is real?

Nothing Can Surprise Us is a self fulfilling prophecy: it plays with strategies of fictionalising one’s life and how these scenarios become

real through the process of rehearsing them. A performance with movement, film, video, music and (a bit of) text.

The initial idea comes from the so called Nothing Can Surprise Us days that used to take place once a year in former Yugoslavia.

On that day, the entire country would rehearse a situation of nationwide catastrophy. Rehearsing a catastrophy turned the

country into a big playground. When the war really started, however, no one really knew what to do.

Based on the scenes from the following movies: Wolfgang Petersen's Das Boot, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner,

Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris and Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

Concept, choreography Andrea Bozic in collaboration with Video, concept Julia Willms Music Robert Pravda

Performers Guillem Mont del Palol, Hendrik de Smedt, Sarah Vanhee Dramaturgical advice Bram de Sutter

Light design Paul Schimmel Costume Nathalie Pravda

A Frascati production made possible by the financial contribution from the NFPK+ and AFK. In co-production with Sophiensaele, Berlin.

Supported by L'animal a l'esquena, Girona and Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers in the framework of Expedition, Paris

Still Life With Man And Woman

An absurdist suspense thriller based on one existential question: what is going on?

A film set within a live performance with uninvited apparitions, imaginary friends and some real people: a man and a woman. One follows the other but they never manage to end up in the same space. Instead, the space develops a life of its own. They try to figure out what is going on but the rules are out of order. It is not even certain if the other is there at all. They try to work out a story but it constantly evades them: they can never tell if they are telling it or if they are being told.

The movement material is based on 4 minutes from Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow Up

Concept, choreography: Andrea Bozic in collaboration with Video, Drawing, Concept: Julia Willms
Music: Robert Pravda Performers: Aimar Perez Gali, Diego Gil, Sarah Vanhee, Adva Zakai
Dramaturgical advice: Bram de Sutter

Produced by Gasthuis, Amsterdam and Plateaux Festival, Mousonturm, Frankfurt, supported by the VSBFonds